Monday, January 8, 2018

Happy New Year

It always seems like the new year brings resolutions, goals, and fresh starts. My goals this year are really personal and not something you can easily check off. So instead of calling it a goal or a resolution I would say that my FOCUS this year is more about how I feel. I really want to let things GO more. Try not to over-think and over analyze EVERY freaking thing.

I give others way too much control over the way I feel and who does that end up hurting but myself. My focus this year is that I will be happier with ME. If I haven't heard from someone that doesn't mean that they are mad at me. That simply means that they are busy, like the rest of us! If they actually are upset with me then that is up to them to tell me about it so that I can apologize, or explain myself. It is absolutely NEVER my intention to hurt someone. I try my hardest to show love to everyone, but of course sometimes I just blurt things out without thinking. Okay more than sometimes. Maybe that should have been my resolution.... thinking before I speak.. Hmm something to think about.

Anyways! A new year is also a great time to try something new with your hair, starting with great new products. Here are my current favorites! 
If you curl your hair with a wand or iron this Aquage Working Spray is perfect for spraying in your hair beforehand. It will hold those curls all day (or for days if you are an every day or 3 days before washing girl like me)
Next, Redken Quick Tease 15 is a fabulous texture spray. It has minimal hold and great texture without weighing your hair down. After your curl your hair and give it a quick run through with your fingers, use this spray next to finish the look.
Finally finish it all off with Redken Control Addict 28. It is the PERFECT finishing spray to set that style. Great hold but not helmet sticky if you catch my drift.
These 3 products are my most used of any in the salon!
I hope that you will give these products a try!
Happy New Year Everyone!


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