Thursday, September 19, 2013


On a recent visit to the professional beauty I supply I spotted a new shampoo and conditioner. New to me at the least. NEVO. Natural, organic, sulfate free. Check.  Check. Check. So I of course had to give it a try.

I grabbed the Moisture Rich (because I neeeeed moisture like I need chocolate. Absolutely necessary.)

Moisture Rich Shampoo is a daily shampoo with Babassu Oil and Brazil Nut Oil, and it's great for  hair color protection.
Oo La La!

The first thing I noticed when I shampooed was that I could not get a good lather going. I had just finished a run... (By run, I mean walk/ jog intervals. I'm getting better. I'm trying to be a "runner." That's what counts right?)
 Maybe my hair was extra dirty? Totally possible So I gave it a second shampoo, and then a third. Third time was a charm. Now remember that most sulfate free shampoos will give you less lather. That is part of their charm. They aren't stripping out your color either. This one claims to still give you a "rich, luxurious lather." Hmmm...

The smell was my absolute favorite part! It smells like flowers but not in that overwhelming perfume-y way. In a totally awesome fresh way.  I loved the smell it filled the shower with. Organic, essential oils, spa-like bliss. I'm Bella in the field of flowers with Edward.... Too much?

I think you can tell I liked it ;-)

The conditioner felt creamy in my hands. Not too heavy on my hair either. So far so good.

The first couple of times I used this shampoo and conditioner I wasn't sold. But I honestly think my hair just had to get used to the change. Now I'm liking it a lot more. It doesn't weigh down my hair. It feels soft too. I'm about halfway through the bottles and liking it more and more.

Now the really great stuff...

No Sulfates No Phthalates No Animal Testing
No Sulfites No Gluten No Cocamide DEA
No Parabens No Propylene Glycol 
No Sodium Chloride No Animal Bi-Products 100% Biodegradable Packaging

Yes biodegradable packaging. You can plant the ENTIRE box that it comes in. There are wild flower seeds embedded in the box! Awesome! I have never seen anything like it. 
So I planted the box...

Its been a couple of weeks... It's possible that I am too impatient but I don't think anything is going to bloom. 

Overall I give the NEVO Moisture Rich a thumbs up!
(My gardening skills could use a little work)

Have you used this product? What did you think? Would you like to try it? 

If you are a local customer and would like to order some let me know. I would be happy to pick some up for you. 

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