Thursday, September 12, 2013

House of Cards

If you have Netflix you may have seen their own original series called House of Cards. We flew through 13 episodes and wished for more. I love the conniving and crafty ways of power couple Frank and Claire Underwood (played by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright).

"Proximity to power deludes some into believing they wield it." Frank Underwood

Nothing felt more powerful than Claire's perfect mane.
I'm obsessed with Claire's haircut in the show. There I said it. Obsessed. I was eager to see it from every angle. I loved to watch how she gelled it back for a glam gala look, or let the bangs sweep across her face for her more casual power-pencil-skirt attire.


I started thinking of who could wear this hair.... Do you ever see great hair and say to yourself,  You know who that would look great on? No? Just me? Everyone does that right?

Have you watched House of Cards yet? What did you think?
I'm dying for the next season to be released. It's a great show!

What shows are you watching or looking forward to?


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