Thursday, September 5, 2013

For your inner greek goddess... A tutorial

Lately I'm loving headbands. Not the Alice in Wonderland kind but the glam I'm kind of a goddess type.
Did you watch the RHOC reunion? Pretend I didn't either.... But if we had we would have seen Lydia who often wears these cute new kind of headbands

I've seen them everywhere lately so I ventured out to find one for myself. I found this treasure at Charming Charlies for like $8.99.

 Not a bad price but I thought to myself "this would not be hard to make."

With determination and my cheap skate mindset, I headed of to the crafting mecca of my world- Hobby Lobby. In the jewelry aisle I found a couple of these strands.

 I don't know what their intended purpose is but they worked perfectly. (I found the corded elastic near the fabric)

I measured the headband I already had purchased and decided that my ideal length was going to be around 20". (I don't like to wear a headband and a headache.) I find that I like these headbands sort of loose. I've kind of been wearing them as an almost halo and usually pin my hair either half up or all up so they are secured by bobby pins.
Easiest tutorial ever:
The jewels were 7" long so I added 26" in elastic 
(because it's doubled over and I wanted an overall length of 20")
 I literally looped the elastic through the ends of the jewels and tied a square knot in the middle
securing both pieces together

Trim the ends

 What do you think?
(This is my 'Greek goddess' vignette filter attempt)
I made a headband out of the flower one also but forgot to snap a pic. Just imagine more selfies with a different headband but same filter as above. Overload. So lets not and say I did :)

What do you think? Will you make a headband or two? Do you like this new trend?

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